How to Hire the Best Candidate

How to Hire the Best Candidate

One of the most important decisions that are made in any organization is recruiting and selecting the employees who will be carrying out the organization’s mission. This decision will impact the workplace, clients, and business financial results. Therefore, it should not be a decision that is lightly taken, as so often occurs, resulting in the loss of time, resources, clients and money.

How to Hire the Best Candidate?


1. What alternatives do we then have?

Improve the selection process for new employees.

2. How can we achieve that?

With a psychometric testing process that has been reliable and validated by experts in the human behavior.

3. What is Psychometric Testing?

Psychometric testing refers to a process for measuring the candidate’s strengths and areas of improvements. This form of measurement is used primarily to assess whether the candidate meets what the organization expects and needs.

4. What do they measure?

These tests measure Personality. The purpose of psychometric testing is to obtain an accurate picture of the candidate’s abilities and personality style that will impact their behavior. Important leadership skills are also measured and are interpreted as they are manifested by candidate’s personality traits.

5. How do they help in the Recruitment and Selection Process?

The information that these test provide, allows recruiters to select, based on objective data, the best candidate for the position before them, as the behavior of the person is the best predictor of performance.
Stop hoping your hiring decision is the right one and start making informed and objective hiring decisions! Competency and personality test can assess a candidate’s suitability for a particular job by proving relevant, objective data to help you make a more accurate and effective hiring decision.
The author, Dr. Lucy Ruiz, is an industrial- organizational psychologist and founder of Teams For Success.

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