Founded 1999

About us

Teams for Success was founded in 1999 by industrial-organizational psychologist, Dr. Lucy Ruiz. Our goal is to help clients reach their potential to be more effective in their work. This is achieved by helping clients create a positive and enjoyable work environment and one that fosters peak performance and reduces turnover.

Specializing in team development, leadership transformation, and organizational transformation, we have considerable expertise in working with clients upfront to determine relevant Return on Investment (ROI) models and measures of success. With a proven track record in delivering results, our team of organizational transformations consultants has successfully worked with top leaders in the public and private sector to produce a broad range of large-scale transformation and change solutions with maximum ROI.

Our Vision

To be recognized for our excellence and integrity in the delivery of our services.

Coaching and training Puerto Rico
Coaching and training Puerto Rico

Our Mision

To help our clients develop on a personal, professional and organizational level in order to maximize their potential.


The visionary

coaching and training puerto rico

Dr. Ruiz

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